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Whether you’re an architect, engineer, developer or builder, it’s worth taking all the time you need in getting to know more about E-Crete. E-Crete products are going to be around for a long, long time.

E-Crete meets architects’, engineers’ and contractors' concern for durability, quality of construction, building with energy-saving products, as well as the projected future value of structures. The construction industry has become more competitive, profit margins are shrinking and construction schedules are accelerating, making E-Crete an increasingly attractive, cost effective building material. E-Crete is a solid, high-performance concrete used for over 75 years in a variety of commercial,  industrial and residential construction applications worldwide in a variety of climates. E-Crete is affordable, readily available, and can give perceptive designers an edge in a very competitive market. E-Crete is price competitive with other building materials and offers benefits that can reduce overall project costs. Lightweight E-Crete yields overall structural economies by reducing the mass that must be considered in seismic design and the dead load transmitted to foundations and superstructure members. E-Crete installs easily without special crews or equipment.

In addition to design and construction benefits, E-Crete provides significant advantages to commercial building occupants and homeowners over other building materials. Escalating cooling and heating costs make E-Crete’s high thermal efficiency and improved insulation properties attractive to owners. E-Crete can also satisfy the most stringent construction standards. E-Crete’s proven durability and environmental benefits appeal to those who are becoming much more sensitive to the life-cycle economy of buildings.

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Interior Artforms, LLC Offers These Detailed Services in Seattle & The Surrounding Areas:

  • Marmorino Carrara
  • Interior Venetian Plaster Painters
  • Texturline
  • Interior Garage Painting
  • Marmorino Coarse
  • Stucco Italiano
  • Faux Ceilings
  • Stenciling
  • MetalTech
  • Marmorino Classic
  • Decorative Cabinet Finishes
  • Basement Painting


We Provide Professional Solutions Utilizing E-Crete Products in the Following Areas of Washington:

Seattle Venetian Plaster Painters | Mercer Island Venetian Plaster Painters | Federal Way Venetian Plaster Painters | Lake Tapps Venetian Plaster Painters | Tacoma Venetian Plaster Painters | Puyallup Venetian Plaster Painters | Bellevue Venetian Plaster Painters | Redmond Venetian Plaster Painters | Issaquah Venetian Plaster Painters | Kirkland Venetian Plaster Painters | Des Moines Venetian Plaster Painters | Lakewood Venetian Plaster Painters | University Place Venetian Plaster Painters | South Hill Venetian Plaster Painters | Renton Venetian Plaster Painters | Kitsap County | Pierce County | Thurston County | King County

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